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    Adding a Sound

    jeffcg2 Level 1

      "To play a sound, select a transition or action sequence in the Timelines panel. Then select an object on the artboard and select Add Effect > Sound Effect."


      This is about as clear as mud. Where is Add Effect > Sound Effect?

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          Laurence Schuberth Level 1

          Ty's post is great

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            Tvoliter Adobe Employee

            Here are the steps to make a sound play when you click a button.

            1. Create a new Catalyst project

            2. Add a button to the project by double-clicking the button component in the Library panel

            3. Wtih the button selected click "Add Interaction" In the Interactions Panel.

            4. In the New Interaction Dialog that appears choose "On Click", "Play Action Sequence". Click OK. A new action sequence titled "button on click" appears under "Action Sequences" in the Timeline panel

            5. With the button still selected go to the Timeline panel click the "Add Action" button and choose Sound Effect.

            6. A dialog for picking an mp3 will appear. Click import to choose a file from your hard drive

            7. Once you have imported an mp3 select it and click ok.


            Run your project and verify the sound plays




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              @ Tvoliter: That was clearly written and helpful. Thanks.

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                jeffcg2 Level 1



                Thank you for the response. It does help.


                I still have not gotten the audio to play. Everything seems to follow per your instructions except that the mp3 files doesn't play.


                I hit the play arrow above the new Button and Sound Effect that appeared in the time line. I thought this might play the audio but does not.


                It may have to do with the fact that I am starting with .wav files that I have converted with Adobe Soundbooth CS4 to mp3 files.





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                  jeffcg2 Level 1



                  I found the problem. Simple when you know the answer. The timeline where the Sound Effect is was expanded to a point where the audio had not started before it quit playing, The slider bar at the bottom seems bass ackwards and only shows 26 seconds of play. I did find in the properties where to extend the duration to 50 seconds. But that seems too short for what I had in mind.


                  I just downloaded the Beta yesterday to see if it will suit my  purposes for creating a narated slide show. But is seems promising.

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                    Tvoliter Adobe Employee

                    Thanks for the feedback. I think the bar in the timeline that represents the sound effect should probably default to being the same duration as the sound itself. I realize that it is strange that the entire sound wouldn't play by default.


                    As for the limitation on how much time can be seen in the Timeline panel, here is a work around:  you can select a bar and adjust the duration and start delay properties in the Properties panel. This will allow you to set numbers larger than the timeline can display. In the future the timeline will need to have horizontal scrolling to allow for more flexibility in viewing different parts of a transition.