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    Change the colors of the 3d world in Lingo


      Is there a way to trigger in lingo a color change of your 3d world? For example, in the game I'm creating, you are able to eat poisonous mushrooms. I was wondering if I could trigger something like a photo negative effect of what the player sees, or possibly a motion bur? Any ideas will help.

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          multiduck Level 1

          Well you could script a change in the shaders your w3d are using, playing with ambient etc, or you put an almost transparent object in front of the camera (maybe animate some suitably trippy texture on it).


          Or you could go the cpu-hog rout and grab the rendered image and run it through an image filter, to do this I think you still need to turn of the 3d sprites DTS and use software rendering for director to be able to grab images from the sprites image property, then put it on a bitmap sprite on top of the w3d (or move the w3d offstage during this).


          Another possible route is to temporary add the toon modifier to your models, you can get some funky effects out of that, come to think of it you can get some sort of negative effect by changing the textures to a negative version.