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    Scroll Bar disappears


      The problem I am having is sporradic and cannot be easily reproduced. Basically I have an embedded SWF file inside another which has a scroll bar (AS2 component). The whole project was created using Flash CS4 in AS2. Someitimes when the page is accessed the scroll bar is gone and the content of the embedded SWF extends outside of it's fixed sized container. I have not been successful in determining the cause but it seems to happen more frequently on a client's PC which is lacking in the performance department. I am wondering if it is a loading issue, where maybe the embedded file is loading faster than it's container. Could anyone possible shed some light on the situation?


      The webpage in question can be viewed at it's live link at www.vizualcandi.com and click on the Videos button at the bottom. I appreciate any help with this matter and if I can find a way to reproduce the issue I will update this post.


      Thanks in advance!