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    Help required for ceating dynamic Multilevel Menu in right click context Menu


      Hi All


      I am stuck in creating dynamic multi level menu in right click context menu. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      The requirement is quite simple say on right click on any image it should a context menu which should have the following stuff


      1. Dynamic which changes depending on data from backend

      2. Multilevel which means say on right click it should show a context menu like as shown below

                Right Click - Menu - MenuItem 1

                                              MenuItem 2 - MenuItem 2.1

                                                                  MenuItem 2.2

                                                                  MenuItem 2.3

                                              MenuItem 3

                                              MenuItem 4


      Please let me know if any one of has already tried it


      As part of R&D I show creating a multilevel static menu is possible in MenuBar in Flex, but what I am looking for is not in MenuBar but on right click context menu


      Please help me


      Regards Biswamit