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    Tab navigator style


      Hi experts,



      i want to user background images in tab navigator ..assume that i have two tabs tab1 ans tab 2 now what i want is the following


         1.       that both the tabs to have a background image // i was unable to find a property for the same


         2.      i have taken two vbox in the tab navigator after giving the border two the v box i saw a space between the tabs and the vbox..please find the attach image it will clear the my query more..


      following is the code:-


         <mx:TabNavigator borderThickness="4" borderColor="#6997AF"
                                       borderStyle="solid" verticalGap="0"  tabHeight="38"
                                        tabStyleName="Selected" cornerRadius="6" tabOffset="40" tabWidth="115"
                                         horizontalGap="17" id="TbNgtr"  width="328" height="461" color="0x323232">
                                             <mx:VBox verticalGap="0" borderColor="red" borderStyle="solid" label="Load Photo">
                                              <mx:Label text="TabNavigator container panel 1"/>
                                          <mx:VBox verticalGap="0" borderColor="green" borderStyle="solid" label="Design Studio">
                                              <mx:Label text="TabNavigator container panel 2"/>