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    Time manipulation in Premiere Pro 2.0


      Hi, I have Premiere Pro 2.0 as part of Adobe Production Studio, and have been using it for a few years for family videos. I have an idea this year that I probably won't pursue unless there's some kind of simplified trick for it, but I'm interested in taking some clips of my kids beating spoons on metal bowls and syncing their percussion with the drums in a song on the sound track.


      I know how to increase or decrease the speed of a clip, but obviously something like this would be painstaking if I attempted to do it that way. Is there some trick I don't know about where you can click on a frame and stretch it forward or squeeze it backward to a specific point, with the video in between that and the last point automatically adjusting in speed to compensate?


      Seems like that would be the way to do it. If not, I'll just do something lamer and move on, but thought it was worth asking.



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          Probably the easiest way to get close would be to Import and drag your percussion Clip to the Timeline. Then, use the * key on the numberpad to tap to the beats. This will place markers on the Timeline. Then, edit your Video Clips to line things up. Yes, painstaking.


          Going the other way, you could Open both your Video and your percussion Track in Audition, and go the other way, but adjusting the beat of the Audio to match the Video in the little monitor window.


          Either way, it will be work.


          Last thought would be to look into Magix Music Maker. It seems that there is a Preset to allow one to match up beats with visuals. I've not used it, and might also be confusing Magix Music Studio. Magix has a forum, though not as active as this one, and maybe someone there can direct you to the exact program, and the exact function and Preset in it.


          Good luck,