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    Hi! ... complete newbie to Flash here!!!


      Hey folks,


      Before I'm a decade behind everyone else, I thought I'd make a start to the Flash world yesterday, so starting out with Version 8 Pro.



      I'm looking at the "build in" lessons as a starting point, so I'm sure there will be many questions to come!!


      In this forum a good resource for beginners like myself?


      Kind Regards,



      P.S.  I managed a simple motion swf in my first 24 hours, so I'm pleased about that (tip of the iceberg eh?) lol

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This forum is good if you have general questions about using Flash.  If your questions concern using actionscript then you might get more reliable/consistent feedback in the AS1/AS2 forums. This is mainly because, if you forget to mention you're using Flash 8, folks will still assume you are using AS1/AS2 in that forum.

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            Calman45 Level 1

            Hi NedWebs! 



            Thanks for your welcome/feeback.   I'm sure I'll be busy asking questions along side my dabbles at the basic end of flash creations, so good to know I'm in the right area for that! *thumbs up*


            Right now, I'm playing around with simple animated text, motion, layers etc .... so I know there is a long journey into creating something with substance.



            All the best,