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    DVD with autoplay intro to Main Menu in PE7


      I am trying to set up a DVD/Menu system in Premiere Elements 7 so that the first clip plays automatically with titles and then goes to the main menu which then has the "Play Movie"/"Select Scene" Options. With a "stop marker" at the end of the first clip, a "main menu" marker at the beginning of the second and scene markers in subsequent clips, everything can be set OK, except for the autoplay of the intro (first clip). Is this possible in PE7? It seems that I either have autoplay or a menu system, not a bit of both.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Adding a vldeo clip before the main menu is not available in Premiere Elements.


          It is something that can be done in Encore, DVD Architect and DVD Architect Studio, which are dedicated DVD authoring apps. DVD Architect Studio, from Sony, makes a great companion to Premiere Elements, and it's available for as little as $39.95.


          I've written a book on how to use it and I've created a number of tutorials on it for Muvipix.com, including one on how to add a video introduction before the main menu. You can find them here.


          Currently the "Basic Training" tutorials are in the subscriber area, but I'm suggesting to the site that we move them into our "free" area so that anyone can see them. You'll likely see them moved there within the next few days.




          Okay. The site has been updated and these tutorials now free if you register for the site (which is also free).

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            What you are referring to is often called "Play First," or "FBI Warning," depending on where one is looking.


            As Steve points out, it is available in dedicated authoring programs. One more to add to Steve's list is DVD Studio Pro.


            What you want is common in most authoring programs, and there is no limit (other than one's imagination) to what one might set as Play First, prior to the Menu. I just did a Project with six Timelines, prior to the first Menu, and the last was actually an AV file that had what appeared to be Buttons on that Menu flying in. They were not the "actual" Buttons, but just graphics of them. They were not active as Buttons, until the short Video ended and the real Menu came onto the screen. There was a 3 Frame moment, when it appeared that the Buttons were there, before the actual Buttons were on screen. If the user was very impatient, they might have clicked on one of these "fake" Buttons, but I figured that by the time those last 3 Frames played, the real Menu with Buttons would be on screen.


            PrE is neat for straight DVD authoring, as it does most of the "heavy-lifting" for the user. However, in that semi-automation, there are some major limits. I'd look into some of the stand-alone authoring apps. (about the only common one missing from the list now is Sonic Scenarist, but it is $$$$$, and for pro authoring studios only), as they offer so much more power.


            Also, be aware that the DVD-specs. are very strict, and limit what one can do with a DVD-Video. The trick is to "fool the audience," into thinking that they are seeing something, that cannot happen in the DVD-Video - create an illusion.


            Good luck,



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              NiftyP Level 1

              Thanks guys,


              At least I know I'm not missing something. I've been using Nero to burn straight video to DVD with some scene/chapter markers, but the interface is too clunky to do what I've been doing with PrE. n the other hand it does allow multiple titles &c.


              I'll follow up Steve's suggestion and have a look at his information about DVD Architect.


              Thanks agin,


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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                If I did not already have Encore, I would probably looking very closely at the higher-end Sony product, or DVD Studio Pro, which is more $, but not THAT much.


                Good luck, and Steve does some nice books.