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    Why are Air Apps crashing my computer during installtion?


      I recently downloaded Adobe Air because I wanted to test out some of the different apps for it such as Mixero and GoogleReader Air App. However every time I attempt to install an app it crashes my computer causing a blue screen. I downloaded the latest version of Air, the latest version of the Apps and I am running a laptop which has Win. XP SP3 with a Pentium4 3.2ghz processor and 1.25gb of ram. All of which is well within the system requirements, and yet I consistently get a system error that leads to a blue screen when ever and app installs to 75-80% range.


      If anyone knows what is causing thing can you please share with me. I would really like to try the various apps out, but if it continues the way it is I am just going to forget it and uninstall the program and not look back.


      Thanks you in advance for your help