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    Captivate 2 Template Settings

      I've created a template for use in an office and I set everything as I want it, recording settings, fade in and out on first or last screen, etc. However when others in my office access it and use it to record new movies, the settings that I defined in the template seem to be overwritten or reset to different settings. Any idea why this happens?

      Any suggestions you have are appreciated.

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          CatBandit Level 3
          I'm not sure I understand what you are looking for when you say the settings are overwritten. But if you mean that a CPTL file has different defaults when it is opened on another machine, I believe the settings are intended for a specific machine. This is done on purpose, so that a file from someone else's PC doesn't change all the carefully selected defaults on a different computer system.

          If you want others to use the same caption styles, fonts, highlight box settings and so on, it might be best to create a "library" movie (leave it a *.CP instead of a CPTL) with those objects all gathered on the first slide or two, and distribute that movie to others in your department or firm.

          The "library movie" can then be opened in its own instance of Captivate, while the project movie is being worked on in a 2nd instance, allowing your developers to cut and paste objects as needed from one movie to the other.

          Does that answer your question??

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            BlackBug Level 1
            Yes, that's helpful. Thank you.