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    Reporting Completion


      I have the full version of Captivate and I'm going to publish a product demo recorded from a web browser. I'd like to know how many people complete the demo - watch it all the way to the end. I've read this article:



      and others about reporting and I've played around with setting up a survey question at the end of the project, but it doesn't seem to send the data anywhere.


      Just to be clear, I don't want or need an LMS. I can write my own code on the server side to handle whatever data Captivate sends. I just need to get this project set up so that it sends some data to a URL. I'll take care of all the rest.


      So if there was just an option that said, "when they get to this slide, send some data to http://mydomain.com/captivate/" then I could do the rest.


      Has anyone heard of someone using captivate this way? Thanks.