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    Can't bring in images in RoboHelp 7


      I've been using RoboHelp 7 for several months, with no issues. But, last week, when I went to import a graphic, although I could locate the graphic, it never showed up in my preview and I couldn't then bring it into the document.


      I've occassionally seen this in the past when the filename was too long, but in this case I trimmed the filename and it still didn't work.


      The one thing I did notice is that, although the "Images in project folder" showed images in the current projects folder (and I can also reinsert these images with no problem), when I go to browse for an image, it's defaulting to another project folder and I cannot insert images from the "right" folder after I browse to it. In fact, all of my projects now, when I go to browse for a file, default to this same project folder. I'm wondering if this is the source of the problem, but I can't figure out how to change the default browse folder for a project.