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    Help! Kuler in Illustrator CS4 - changes colours completely


      Why is it that when I use the in-built Kuler extension in Illustrator CS4 the colour values are completely different when I "Add selected themes to swatches" to those on the Kuler website.


      As an random example, take this theme:  soothing by milolily   (http://kuler.adobe.com/#themeID/68960)


      Here's what the colours are on the Kuler website and what they end up being in the Swatch palette in Illustrator:


      R:52, G:97, B:107     --->     R:70, G:107, B:129


      R:52, G:21, B:54     --->     R:82, G:48, B:55


      R:123, G:137, B:156     --->     R:147, G:154, B:169


      R:14, G:22, B:51     --->     R:26, G:32, B:63


      R:160, G:189, B:140     --->     R:182, G:192, B:167


      Check out the screenshot to see how huge the difference is visually.


      I thought perhaps it was something to do with whether the Document Color Mode was set to RGB or CMYK but it doesn't seem to make a difference.


      Any ideas anyone??  It's driving me insane!