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    PE 8.0 Crashes During Capture


      I have a Sony DCR-TRV320 setup as pass through from a DVR to Firewire port to test the capture capabilities of PE 8.0.  I installed a trial version of PE 8.0, even though I purchased a copy on Black Friday.  I can still take it back if unopened, so I want to see how well it would work before I open the box


      Essentiall, the program captures for a time, and then crashes to: Adobe has detected that the application . . . has unexpectedly quit. I do not know which lines of the crash report are relevant, but the crash exception lines for 2 of the crashes were:


      crash exception="EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" instruction="0x2eab71b2"

      crash exception="EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" instruction="0x7c91168b"


      I looked at the 'Troubleshoot System Errors' FAQ.  I believe my system meets minimum requirements, though I am not sure how to check: Windows Media File 9.5x required  for Windows XP.  The rest of my system is:


      system platform="windows" osversion="5.1.2600 SP 3.0" applicationlanguage="Language Neutral" userlanguage="en_US" oslanguage="en_US" ram="3327" machine="Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7500  @ 2.93GHz.


      I have a NVIDIA 7900 graphics card and updated the drivers between crashes.


      For the second attempt, I held down the Shift key while choosing Start > Programs > Adobe Premiere Elements 8.0.


      I also turned off the Camcorder, and unhooked the firewire connection before starting PE 8.0.


      I also unchecked the analysis and scene separation boxes before hitting the capture button.


      Any ideas?