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    Is there any way to automatically refresh multi-cam target output


      I have created a multi-cam output using footages from 3 HD video cameras.


      After finished the work, I had to color correct some of the original footages many times. Everytime, I had to go through the entire process of

      - Loading the color-corrected footages/sequences

      - finding the sync point and synching them

      - creating target sequence and creating the output using the multi-cam monitor window (finished clip runs for 45 mts)


      Is there any way I can instruct Premiere Pro (CS4) to refresh the final multi-cam output from the updated versions of source clips. In fact, I do keep the same sequence names for the source clips.


      Alternatively, is there anyways to re-apply the sequence of how I captured multi-cam footage in the multi-cam monitor (from 3 cameras) to the newly color corrected, synched target sequence.


      I am not sure whether I am making it clear myself.


      My hope is someone would have faced this problem before and understand what I mean.