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    signablePrintPDF error


      I have a very simple form (one TextField and one button) that I am using for testing in preparation for flattening a larger form.


      I fill the TextField with some text and click the button, hoping to flatten the form with my Java servlet using the transformPDF API.


      Instead of being flattened, the form disappears and I get the following error in my log:

      WARN  [com.adobe.document.XMLFormService] ALC-XTG-102-001: [4628] The signablePrintPDF element is only supported in PDF version 1.7


      The error code does not appear in the "LiveCycle® ES Error Code Reference" and a search of both the Adobe site and the forums come up empty (no mention at all)


      I have played with different options in the form properties and have checked that there are no digital signatures in the form (at least that I can find).


      Does anyone have an idea what could be causing this error? I think that this is the last problem standing in my way.



      Bob Mathis

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          I see the same warning in my log when rendering flat PDFs (out of XDPs that contain signature fields). But the PDF is produced sucessfully and the resulting status doc does not contain this warning. Can it be, that your program has a different problem and the warning is misleading?