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    Printing without a Dialog - AIR

      As per the Adobe response in this thread:

      http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview.cfm?forumid=60&catid=585&threadid =1284848&highlight_key=y&keyword1=print%20dialog

      I know that allowing printing without a dialog box isn't allowed right now because of security concerns (which, other than flooding the user with print jobs, I'm not sure what the security issue is). Is there any reason why this is not allowed in an AIR app? While I'm sure the security issue is the same, if you don't trust the source of any desktop executable, you probably shouldn't be running it in the first place. Maybe I'm wrong....

      We were looking to use flex in a rebuild for our outbound shipping but having our shipper have to go over to the computer to click "OK" for every print job as hes scanning product to go out is just not acceptable.
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          ctaffe Level 1
          Or is this a complexity / compatibility issue?
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            If you are desparate for a solution, on Windows you could look for something like AutoIt, which is a windows ui macro app, or similar on other platforms, to auto click OK for you when the print dialog appears.
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              ctaffe Level 1
              Thanks for the reply.

              Something like that could work in the short-term for us so I will definately take a look at it.

              I guess I'm just hoping to prod them into loosening the chains a bit on AIR :) You've got file access when you install that AIR app.....print job security seems like a bit of a minor point :P
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                Garyl Woolworth Level 1
                Security isn't the only reason a print dialog is used. It also allows the end user to get there printing preferences to say print off an order of something they just purchased, well the Print Form I designed has a plethora of colors across the component including our gradiented logo and everything, we're talking the works with color. Well when the end user goes to print that, they honestly couldn't care two hoots about those colors as long as the paper is white and text is black that confirms what they bought so the print dialog allows them to print Black & White so they don't have to waste there ink. Another test case scenario is what if you are trying to print a very large image however that image would fit better as landscape then portrait. Removing the print dialog would completely get rid of that functionality. My last case scenario is how are you going to choose which printer you want it to go when you are sitting somewhere public and the default printer is for your house and the second one on the list is for the school / library / office printer inside the Print Dialog!!!!

                Just my thoughts. Good luck with your prodding. :)
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                  ctaffe Level 1
                  Hi Kaotic101 :)

                  I'm definatley not advocating the complete removal of the dialog box. I guess I probably should have been a bit more clear :)

                  I just want the *option* to be able to print without a dialog. 95% of the app we are working on we want that dialog for alot of the same reasons you mention. But that last 5% really becomes inefficient when the user has to keep hitting the OK button when they would be better served to have it print without the dialog (as per an example of a shipper having it auto kicking out labels as they scan product).