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    How to display topic content in non-RH window?

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      Morning all,


      I'm working with my developers to find the best answer to this: How can we display topic content in a non-RH window.

      Currently, I'm running RH 8.0.2 and generating WebHelp. We want to keep all content in RH, and for one part of our web service, we want to display topic content, but not a window generated by RH. In fact, we really just need the data to appear in something simple like a table cell. We don't want to hard code the content as it's likely to change.


      I'm guessing since the folks on this forum have done everything w/ RH short of alchemy, someone out there has already done something like this.


      So far, we're looking at opening the .htm file and pulling everything inside the body tags, then displaying that in whatever structure the developers decide is best. Kinda crude.


      Questions that come up:

      How do we match the content to the page it's displayed on since we're not using any of the RH structure around the content?

      Is there a slick way to do this with the CSH API and MapIDs?

      Since we're just using the content, the title tag is unused for these topics. Is there a way we could leverage this tag to help track the topic or the page it will display on?


      As always, any enlightenment is welcome.



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          Is this content generated/maintained by the developers, such as web services elements, etc.?


          We have a similar setup, where they use our style sheet to produce the htm files, which are only viewable after a complete build (release engineering adds them in a special folder). Our regular topics have links to these files, which of course are not viewable on our day-to-day "sandbox" WebHelp...only in a complete "build" version.


          As to viewing this content in a separate window, I guess you could either make all your links popups, or you could do some pre-processing of those files into .pdf files or something similar.



          Good luck,


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            James K. Patrick Level 1



            No, the content is not developer generated. I'm generating it to make sure standards are adhered to.


            What we're doing is building a process wizard to step users through setting up a feature of our web service. On the right side of each page/step will be a small window with simple help text, minimal formatting, and links to the full-blown help system. It is here that we need to display RH topic content without an RH window.


            So, like you, I'll not be able to see the content until a full build is done. But I'll be generating the content and storing it somewhere within the current help system so the developers can access it, but end users won't see it in the tri-pane UI. And of course we'd like to keep some autonomy so that the help content could be updated without a full-blown build test/release cycle.


            I suspect others do this by storing the content in a CMS and building the page dynamically, but I've no experience with that.



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              Thanks, but not really. I had read through that topic a while back.


              It looks like we really need to display the content (probably everything between the body tags?) in an HTML element like a <td>. We could do frames, but for a small help window, they really eat up a lot of space and definitely don't fit in with the style of the site.


              I think the display of the content will be left in the developer's hands - that's what they get paid for.


              If you have any thoughts on how to reference the content, I'd love to hear them. I can't see MapIDs working as we're not using the CSH API. Though I suppose our developers could hack the .js file and determine how RH uses the MapIDs and recreate that. But that's a lot of work.


              Referencing the topic by the name of the .htm file locks us into that file name and makes future changes a little more difficult.


              The only thing I've come up with so far is to put a code in place of the <title> tag since the title won't be displayed. That way we could change the content w/out the developers having to recode. Crude, I know.





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                could you do something like is shown here




                basically a better alt. to iframes, but still using hard .htm names.

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                  Thanks for the link - there's definitely a possiblity of doing one of these methods. It's interesting to see the different ways this can be done.


                  I'll see what our developers have to say...


                  Thanks again,