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    Why does my Firefox not keep me logged in?

    Jochem van Dieten Community Member

      To remember your identity the forum stores some information on your browser in a cookie. That cookie needs to be sent back to the server on each request the browser makes. If your browser forgets that cookie, you will get logged out. There are several reasons why Firefox might forget that cookie.

      Cookie settings

      Make sure you have Firefox configured to keep cookies until they expire. This is a setting in your Firefox options:


      NoScript add-on

      If you have the "NoScript" add-on installed it will change your cookies so they are deleted every time you restart your browser. From the NoScript documentation:

      Some web sites depend on very complicated domain interrelations and,
      while they handle sign on on a certain domain through a secure HTTPS
      channel, they need to propagate authentication across multiple domains
      which do  not support HTTPS. NoScript tries its best to gracefully
      degrade in these situation which  simply cannot be protected, but some
      sites are just too complex not to break and login fails.

      You can add these forums to the exceptions in the NoScript add-on. See the NoScript FAQ for more information.


      Other software

      Cookies are occasionally expired by other software such as system cleanup tools, anti virus software, spyware scanners and firewalls. Make sure these do not affect your cookies for either adobe.com or forums.adobe.com.


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