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    Channel's MESSAGE event not triggered when using RemoteObjects


      I am trying to intercept all messages sent from my Flex client, but have not been successful. We use BlazeDS and RemoteObjects for all of our messaging. Here is what I am doing.


      First, I added a listener on the channelset connect event as follows.




      var channelSet:ChannelSet = ServerConfig.getChannelSet("bizservice");


      if (channelSet != null) {

          channelSet.addEventListener(ChannelEvent.CONNECT, onChannelConnect,

      false, 10000);



      Then in the "onChannelConnect" handler referenced in the above code, I added a listener on the channels Message event



      private function onChannelConnect(event:ChannelEvent):void{

          event.channel.addEventListener(MessageEvent.MESSAGE, onChannelMessageReceived);



      I have stepped through the code and verified that both "addEventListener" calls are executed. However, the execution never breaks on the "onChannelMessageReceived" method referenced in the "onChannelConnect" handler.


      Does anyone have an idea why this is not working? I am also interested in other working solutions.