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    Project zipped, moved - topics & links missing


      I'm using Robo 8/TCS2 to generate Webhelp. Windows XP. Project was converted from Flare.


      Project builds with no errors, all looks fine. I zipped up the project in preparation for localization, unzipped to a new folder, and opened in Robo. There are now a whole list of broken links and the TOC shows red X marks on the broken link topics. Those "missing"  topics are present in the project folder in Windows Explorer. If I try to import these topics into the project, I'm told they already exist.


      When I open one of those links to see the TOC Page Properties, I find that the target topic is not in the existing topics list. If I click the New Topic button, I see the topic properties filled in for the "missing" topic, and if I click OK, it's added to the Existing Topics list. If I click OK, the X goes away.


      When I rebuild the project, all of the topics appear to be there, even the "missing" topics. Some graphics are "missing".


      This is a huge problem - my localization deadline is days away. Thank you for your help!