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    Lost Photos- Expired starter edition 3.2




      I am having problems recovering my photos from adobe.  My digital camera folder is empty!!!!!  When I start up my PC the adobe starter edition loads up and I can see my photos but my folder is empty.  I am thinking that I cannot be the only person this is happening to as I have browsed other comments but cannot see a solution.  Technical support are unwilling to help....Has anyone managed to get their photos?  If so how ?..........Pleeeeeaaase help!!..;0)

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          Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee

          Your photos are not necessarily stored in the Digital Camera folder; they can be anywhere on the hard drive that you wish to store them. Photoshop Album will catalog them wherever they are, and editing them will force the program to retrieve the original file, where Starter Edition 'believes' the file to be.


          To find out where Photoshop Album 'believes' the file to reside on your system, you can select an image, open its properties (alt-enter), then click on the folder icon at the bottom of the properties pane to open the containing folder where the file was originally located.