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    cfmenu not displaying cfmenuitems correctly (sometimes)


      Hi, I was wondering if anyone has experienced this?


      I am testing CF9 on Windows XP with IE 8.  I have a cfmenu with different cfmenuitems inside of it.  The page loads fine most of the time.  Sometimes, though, if I click the Back button, the down arrow on the cfmenu items goes away & I can't see any of the cfmenuitems.  There are other times where it also goes away, but they are random, and I can't pinpoint it - But if I try to load the page 10 times, maybe 1 of the 10 there will be no cfmenuitems.


      The only way to get the cfmenuitems back is to reload the entire page.


      Here is a piece of the menu code, (not the whole thing, but it's all based on this same idea:


      <cfmenu type = "horizontal" bgColor="##cccc99" fontSize="12" selectedItemColor="##000000" selectedFontColor="##ffffff">

        <cfmenuitem name="Administration" display="Administration" href="##">
      <cfif isAuthAnyYear(6)>

         <cfmenuitem name="Administration1" display="Administer User Accounts" href =




      BTW, I can't seem to make the error occur in Firefox