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    Error: Accessor TotalStipPmnt Unknown


      I am attempting to add five groups of numbers together for a grand total. I have five sub totals, all in formcalc, which I want to add together but everytime I receive this message on the grand total. Every cell is properly identified and the subtotals work perfectly when I use them but I just can't get the grand total to calculate.


      The first Subtotal is TotalStipPmnt


      The second is TotalMealReimb


      The third is TotalMileageReimb


      The fourth is TotalMiscReimb


      The fifth is Lodging


      The grand total is TotalReim


      The formula that I have is: Sum(TotalStipPmnt + TotalMealReimb + TotalMileageReimb + TotalMiscReimb + Lodging)


      Can someone please assist me?


      Thank you.


      Ms. Shayne Ortmeier