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    There was a RAISE without a handler. - Adobe Reader 9 Mac PPC 10.4.11


      Hi, just recently everyone has been getting this error at my place of work. After searching around this seems to be a pretty rare problem with not many solutions. Everyone is running Adobe Reader 9 and is accessing these files from a share on a server. The odd thing is if I access the server and copy the pdf from the server to a mac it works fine when its on the actual machine, but opening it from the share gives this error "There was a RAISE without a handler. The application will now exit."


      Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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          I am not sure, but I got the same error on my macbook pro with Mac OS X 10.5.8 and Acrobat 9.2 (CS4). I never had any problems before until I tried to install the suggested update to version 9.3.0 with Adobe Updater. The Update didnt finish the installation and since then I have this error message.

          I must say that I lately updated/installed the free utility "PDF Browser Plugin v.2.2.3" from Schubert IT which brings full Acrobat functionality to Safari. Acrobat 9.2. and PDF Browser Plugin were running without any problem before I tried to run the update. (I am not sure if the PDF Browser Plugin was running on my MacBook Pro System before - but I didn't experience any problems with the Plugin and Acrobat Pro on several other Macs at work)

          But now I am not sure if the Browser Plugin has brought up the Updater to fail - especially because it is just a Plugin for browsers located /library/Internet Plug-ins)

          I now try to fix this issue and let you know if I was successfull. I was just thinking, if you maybe also have this plugin installed. It runs in the background and is normaly not buggy, and that why most users don't even recognize wheter its installed or not...