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    Images are broken


      If you visit my site at www.theplaygrounds.co.uk/The_Playground.swf, and select the Examples tab, inside each panel there should be an image but instead I get red x's. Do these images need a path on my web server?

      I used to have a song which could be played from the site, and the mp3 sat in the assets folder, which is where these images sit. The mp3 never existed on the server.

      What gives?
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          slaingod Level 1
          Make sure that your assets/images are relative to the LOCATION BAR in your browser, where the swf is embedded, not the location that the SWF is embedded on the server.

          Ie. if your swf is located at /flash/my_swf.swf but it is embedded on the page /mypages/mypage.html then your assets must be relative to /mypages/.