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    Textfield help




      I'm fairly new to Fireworks and I am stuck. Hopefully I've come to the right spot


      I've created a bunch of pages for a website prototype. I've added the slices for the links, but now I've hit a problem, text fields. I want to show some people the prototype I've been working on so I've been exporting HTML and images. Everything was working fine with the links but the text fields I've created are not editable. I tried adding text boxes from the common library but same problem, not editable. I've tried many other things including exporting CSS and images, which made the text field editable but everything else was all over the place and my fonts were all off.


      I'm wondering if there is a way I can just add text boxes to my original pages. Does anyone know what I can do here? I'll admit, I'm not a developer and don't know what I've done to mess up the css stuff. I'm creating this stuff to eventually send to a developer to build for me. However, before I do, I want to create someting interactive that I can show people to get their thoughts. The text fields don't need to do anything except "pretend" to accept the user's input.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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          Sarthak Singhal Adobe Employee

          When you select the text boxes which have been dragged from Common Library, do you see anything in the Symbol Properties panel?

          This panel is accessible via Window->Symbol Properties.


          This panel is context sensitive and will show editable fields when an object on the canvas is selected.

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            NewAtFireworks Level 1

            Hi Sarthak,


            Thanks for your help with this!


            I checked in the symbol properties but I dont think anything is there.


            I think the problem is that I'm exporting as html and images so my screens I made are ok but the interactive elements (text boxes) are being treated as images instead of html. Because, when I export as CSS and images the fields work, but all my formatting and font and stuff is screwed up. I've attached an example PNG for you to see.


            Do you know if there there any way to use interactive elements (e.g., text fields) that work when you export to html and images mode. When I view it in my browser it looks great and the links (slices) work. With the CSS way everything works but it looks all messed up. If there is no way to get it working in html and images maybe I should just use the CSS export and dont worry about the formatting. Is there a reason it's doing that? How can i fix it to make it look like was intended.


            Thanks again!!