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    flash animation bad quality when tweened

    inquestflash Level 1

      hello to all!


      a)im getting very bad results when i tween objects in flash,ive done the designs(clog wheels)in photoshop and added some fx to them,i save them as a png file and import them into flash,when static all is good,but once they start rotating(motion tweened as a movie clip) making the wheels go around they just look terrible.is it natural for the desing to loose in quality since its moving?or is there smthing that i can do to fix it?


      b)when i motion tween an object there is a start keyframe and an ending keyframe once the cursor gets to the ending keyframe there isnt a smooth cycle it seems like the motion does an instant flash at the end,id like for the motion to seem like the wheel is spining like a normal wheel would do.


      any help woudl be appreciated.


      best regards.