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    What FlexUnit 4 source code is FlashBuilder 4 Beta 2 using?

    Douglas McCarroll Level 1

      Hi All,


      When I create my first test case class in FB4b2 it adds SWCs in several locations to my library path, including C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder Plug-in Beta 2\eclipse\plugins\com.adobe.flexbuilder.flexunit_4.0.0.253292\flexunitframework\libs\vers ion3libs\Common\flexunit_0.9.swc.


      (I'm not sure that this is relevant to anything, but I'm using the 3.4 Flex SDK in this project.)


      Then, when I use FB to create a new test case class, and select the 'New FlexUnit 4 test' option, FB inserts this string into the class: "import flexunit.framework.Assert;"


      This is clearly in the FlexUnit 0.9 code.


      I'd like to set the 'source attachment' for flexunit_0.9.swc in my library path. What is the correct version? Is it the code in \tags\0.9\FlexUnitLib\src\?


      It would also be nice to know where the source is - which version of the source - for the other 3 SWCs that FB4 adds:

        - FlexUnit4_1.0.swc

        - flexunitextended.swc

        - Hamcrest.swc


      I realize that some or all of this is may be outside of the scope of this project. Any hints on where to look will be appreciated.