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    Virtual classroom using Stratus?


      Can Stratus be used in a virtual classroom envrionment with a flash-based whiteboard, screen sharing etc? If not, is it possible to run audio-video over Stratus and - in parallel - run the virtual classroom components over Flash Media Server?



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          In script add this:


          private var ringerSound:Sound;


          in your program's inti() function add this:


          this.ringerSound = new Sound(new URLRequest("http://lukeidiot.com/chat/ring.mp3"));


          then play the sound on the function that handles the incoming call:



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            Sean S Murphy

            I've made a collaboration application that demonstrates all the principles you would need to build your own flash based virtual classroom using only stratus (and a peer sharing app/site). http://www.murphysean.com/?p=37


            I'll break it down a little bit:

            The whiteboard could be drawn by sending continuosly the mouse position to all the other peers, and the state of the  mouse position (is it drawing, perhaps a color)

            The audio/video is basically built into flash for you, minus aec (Audio Echo Cancellation) because adobe is not sharing their proprietary tech with the community... See here I demonstrate sharing audio/video/chat/and file sharing (which could be implemented better)


            You could also buy into the adobe service LCCS which provides everything you are talking about in an api.