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    Adobe Reader hangs when opening a .pdf


      One of our users is having an issue with Adobe Reader 9.2 hanging when opening .pdf files.  When double-clicking a .pdf file, Adobe Reader will hang and eventually open after about 6 seconds.  I've found a work around where if I leave a .pdf document open, any other .pdf I click will open up fine (but a .pdf needs to be left open in Adobe Reader).  This problem is only happening with one user.  Some of the things I've tried that have not worked: repairing, uninstalling/reinstalling, deleting temp files, opening the file with a different account/profile, downgrading to Adobe Reader 8.1.3.


      Anyone have any ideas?  This is only happening to one user at my company.  I've searched the forums here and it looks like other people are having similar issues but there's really not a solution to this.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

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          hanlee888 Level 1

          I figured out the problem with this.  The issue had to do with the video driver that was installed.  I used Dell's factory image for this machine.  I went to NVidia's web site and downloaded their latest driver and that took care of the problem.  I figured out that issue had to do with video when I saw that remoting into the computer and opening a .pdf file had no delay at all.  That led me in the right direction of troubleshooting the video.