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    RH7 integration with Captivate

    Gravenstein Level 2
      In another thread, Colum mentioned that "RH7 has a lot more integration with Captivate." We are running RH6, and seem to be up against a limitation on where we can place the Captivate files in the RH project. Because there is a set of several files (.js, .htm., .swf, and skn.swf) for each animation, it appears that we have to carry some of the files as baggage. In turn, that means that the whole set has to live at the root level of the project.

      I'd really rather carry these in a subfolder. Will RH7 help me here?


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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi G

          You could certainly place the content in a subfolder, but the issues you would create by doing so might make it not worth the trip. These files are referenced inside the Captivate files as expecting to find one another in the same folder the Captivate movie is in. So this would require tweaking all the Captivate code.

          Perhaps just expect to dump all your Captivate content in a single folder inside RoboHelp and reference it from where you placed it?

          Cheers... Rick
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            Gravenstein Level 2
            I don't mind the files all wanting to cohabit. In fact, what I wanted to accomplish was an updated version of what we used to do back when all we had to worry about were .swf files (without all their little js, htm, and skn.swf friends). We had a single project subfolder where I kept all the swf-related files for that project.

            Is that something I could do under the new regime?

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi again

              Should be pretty simple. Just create the folder in RoboHelp, then import the content there. Make sure you add all to baggage files.

              Keep in mind that if you are using spaces in your names with Captivate, RoboHelp will wreak havoc with the files when you bring them in and generate if it uses the "Replace spaces with underscores" option.

              Cheers... Rick
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                Gravenstein Level 2
                Oh, yes, we've been over the "spaces in filenames" issue numerous times before!

                I take it from your answer that RH7 will allow baggage files to live in subfolders. Now that I think about it, this is the single sticking point that we're having with RH6. RH6 baggage is all at the root level--like it or lump it. If RH7 is more flexible in that regard, then we ought to be fine. Once we get to RH7, that is.

                Thanks, Rick.

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                  Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  Uhhh, I don't understand. RoboHelp 6 allowed Baggage files in folders. Nothing changed with 7 coming along. AFAIK, you could always have baggage files in folders.
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                    Gravenstein Level 2
                    OK, I have no idea what I've been doing wrong all this time, but I just went in and had no trouble at all adding my swf fileset exactly where I wanted it: in its subfolder. (Well, I did have to manually edit the baggage folder for one file, but we know about that, right?) It's showing up just like it should. Just like you said.

                    I SWEAR, I've tried this several times in the past and ended up either without the baggage file or with the baggage file getting copied to the root! Ah well, my chagrin is definitely outweighed by my pleasure at being able to organize the folders as I want.

                    Thanks once again for your help.

                    (Long week...I think it's time for these.)

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                      johndaigle Level 4
                      Hi, G
                      Looks like Rick has covered the main points. I would only add that the improvement in RH 7 which Colum mentioned has mostly to do with *correctly* importing all the extra support files that Captivate 2 and 3 create. These include those (.js, .htm., .swf, and skn.swf) you mentioned. Because of the release dates, RH 6 did not know how to handle the newer Captivate files. So, it took some tweaking to make it work.

                      If it works for you now, then terrific. If you are still having problems, I wrote an article for the Adobe Developer Center which discusses this very issue.

                      Tutorial #4 in particular might be relevant as far as workarounds when using RoboHelp 6

                      So, it works in RH 6, but MUCH better in RH 7
                      Hope you can upgrade soon. There are many more fine features.