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    Imageready - Slicing & Dicing from PSD to CSS...

      Hello.  I'm fairly new to graphic design and web development so please excuse my ignorance.


      I get stuck in 1 place and hope I can get some assistance past this hurdle.


      I'm using Adobe CS2.  Here's what I've been able to do...


      1.  Create PSD file of a 2-column website layout
      2.  Slice the image using ImageReady
      3.  Export the slices along with CSS code.


      This works fine, but the problem I run into is "vertical growth".  The images from IM are all positioned "absolutely".  When I grow my content areas and the page needs to stretch vertically, the footer gets run over since it doesn't move.  I've tried setting some of the areas to "relative" and other things, but just cannot seem to get this vertical growth issue.


      If I use the template as-is, meaning that the original height of the PSD is retained (and perhaps use scrollbars within the content area), then all is fine.  But I know this isn't the best way to do things.


      Can anyone please assist?  A flash video of handling this would be most helpful.  Direction to better tools would be appreciated too (e.g. CS4, etc.)


      Thanks for any input!