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    very strange IE problem

      Hi Everyone

      I have just registered to this forum in the hope that i can possibly find the answer to this problem. I have recently designed a website at: www.c-recordz.co.uk which views perfectly on firefox and IE 7.0 I have also tested the site from my home on IE 6.0 and IE 5.0 and again works great.

      But when i come to my work place and go to the website using IE 6.0 i get this problem: (see screenshot)


      For some reason there are random links appearing - now these links are from my old website but are definitley not attached to the new website design. I Have even cleaned the server my website is hosted on and re loaded the site and noticed that one of the links did actually go away but now i'm stuck with these three links. Again this is only happening at work and know where else.

      Is this an IE problem a hosting problem or could it my works computer server network? How can i fix this?

      I have used adobe photoshop CS3 and dreamweaver 3 to design this website. I have also used the method of slicing in photoshop and using iframes in dreamweaver 3.