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    LCDS 2.6.1 Data Management with ColdFusion - How?

    OwenWest Level 1

      Hi all,


      We have been using ColdFusion and Flex for a few years now for our company's internal line of business applications, which is going OK - users love it and all is good. However we have traditionally been using Flex RPC services for our data needs and would like to move into using LiveCycle Data Services ES - specifically the Data Management Services (data synchronisation, conflict management, etc - all the good stuff).


      We have been able to get basic Data Management services working, with auto-sync of clients, and could probably muddle our way through configuring Conflict Management, however the main issue we are having is around our complex business objects. We are needing to be able to use some kind of heirarchical data model and managed associations, with data paging (and lazy loading) because most of our applications use this kind of data model. For the life of us we have not been able to figure out how to implement this kind of model via ColdFusion's internal LCDS server.


      Scouring the web has not really provided any answers, as pretty much all of the LCDS examples we can find are based around Java. Are there any examples of how to configure Flex + ColdFusion + LCDS using the Data Management Service with managed associations / heirarchical data with paging and lazy loading, specifically for CF8 and LCDS 2.6.1?


      Any examples would be extremely useful, we're trying to organise a budget for some training but will probably not get anything until the new year.


      Oh yeah, transactions would also be a good idea too if anyone can tell us how these are supposed to work in such an environment...


      Hoping somebody can assist.


      Owen West