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    Director Demo

    mikem75 Level 1

      Hi - I'm trying to put together a demo of some of the projects I have created with Director.  I have created a little push button screen movie which would jump to various movies that I've created.  The problem I have is that some of the projects have been created in MX2004 and the xtras in those projects are not compatible with Dir 11.5, so I can't just "go to movie ...".  I have to open an executable or recreate the project in Dir 11.5 which in some cases is not possible (even if I had the time).


      I've experimented with Buddy API to baRunProgram, I'm just unsure as to how I get back to my shell button screen when the called program ends.  Any ideas?




      Mike M


      Dir 11.5

      Windows Vista Ultimate

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          If you are opening an external application then there should be no need to get back to your shell screen since it should still be there (unless you navigated it to a different screen or movie, or quit - in which case you shouldn't do that).


          If you are navigating to a different (11.5) movie, then you will need to have this movie navigate back to your shell instead of quitting. Or you could open the 11.5 compatible movies as MIAWs. You have to be careful not to issue the quit command in any file you navigate to or there's no getting back to your shell without restarting the application.

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