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    various logo formats - need transparent background

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      I'm hoping someone can clear this up for me, I have several logos from companies who have sent them to me as png, eps, tiff and jpg files.  I need to place all of these logos in an InDesign print file.  I was also hoping to convert them to vector images in Illustrator, and I'd like them to have a transparent background.


      (1)  How do I go about doing this - do I use photoshop or illustrator to achieve transparent backgrounds?


      (2)  I would like the logos to be vectors so I can use them for larger print porjects too, what is the best way to handle this?  I read in my adobe print manual that InDesign prefers native formats (ai or psd) - how should I tackle converting these various formats?


      Any specific steps to follow - any insight?


      Thanks kindly,


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          tman69 Level 3

          simplest solition--ask the companies that gave you their logo to PLEASE supply you with vector art...otherwise you face a daunting task.

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            1) either


            2) There are two ways to convert logos to vector in Illustrator, A) Live Trace, or B) redraw/recreate it manually. I do not particularly like the results from Live Trace on most logos. It is Illustrator's way of making a "working path" of a selection as in PhotoShop. Live Trace is great for irregular objects, but suffers some when you need a very clean logo or text.


            If you are in a hurry for the short term, you could mask the logos (erase the white spaces) in PhotoShop and save the files as PSD. This would maintain the transparent background in InDesign. the logo would need to be on it's own layer, not the background layer.


            You included EPS as one of the formats you have the logos in. Is this a PhotoShop EPS or Illustrator EPS, because that file may already be vector. Be sure that you "Display Performance" is set to High Quality in InDesign. This way you are sure to see the transparency.




            - jon

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              Chemol Level 1

              Hi Jon, thanks so much for your help and insight.  Yes I have been working in "high performance" in InDesign, and the eps logos are both photoshop and illustrator (I have about 20 differ logos so far and for some readon these companies are sending me random specs when I clearly stated at least 2"x2" for bitmap files at 300 dpi).


              So, if a company tells me that they don't have a vector version of their logo, what specifically should I request - given I will need to convert it to a vector?  Is tiff best or eps as a general rule for bitmap images that I want to convert?  Simplest method?


              Thank you,


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                Most companies do not know what you mean when you ask for an image at a specific size and resolution.


                File format really does not matter. If they are sending you a pixel image then you want the image with the most pixels. It will be the same image whether it is a JPG, TIF, GIF, BMP, PCX, EPS, PDF or PSD (and so on). Even if the image is at 72 DPI, but it is 15 inches wide, you can change it to 300 DPI at 4.5 inches wide (roughly) in Photoshop.


                I have been converting logos to vector for 18 years. Most of the logos I get are on letterhead or business cards. I have gotten to a point where I take a digital photo to use as a template (because it is faster than scanning). With that many logos to work on, you should be able to get good at redrawing them. As long as you have a matching type style for any logo type, most logo redrawing can be done in 30 to 60 minutes each.


                - jon

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                  John Danek Level 4

                  This is a real production dilemna and you have to be careful re-creating a copyrighted or a registered trademark.  Any deviation from the original and/or any attempt to redraw could result in you being held liable.  Even scanning a logo is a no-no.  It may mean extra leg work on your part, but you want vector art, get vector art.  If the originator insists on bitmap artwork, then work on their furnished file ( i.e., apply a clipping path, drop out the background, etc. ).  If you are forced to resize, there are some options out there for that for bitmap artwork.  But, any work done on protected or unprotected files are or can be interpreted as an infringement on the orinator's and/or owner's rights.

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                    Chemol Level 1

                    Thank you John, I will be careful with any infringements.  When you say

                    apply a clipping mask to drop out the background - do I do that in photoshop

                    or illustrator?  I'm afraid I'm a newbie at this, is there a step-by-step I

                    should follow?


                    Thanks kindly,


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                      Scott Falkner Level 5

                      If there is adequate resolution in the pNG or JPG logos you could add the transparency in Photoshop as ether a clipping mask or a transparent layer.

                      If these are large companies then you might find PDF files with their logos on their websites. Look for Annual Reports, brochures or flyers, or news releases. Open the PDFs in Illustrator and copy the logo to a new file.

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                        John Danek Level 4

                        Clipping Paths are applied in Photoshop.  It's a tedious process of selecting the logo elements however way that works best for you ( I use the lasso tool ).  Here's a quick step-by-step:  After selecting the elements, open the "Paths" palette ( Window > Paths ) and in the drop down menu select "Make Work Path" > same drop down menu, select "Clipping Path" > Save the file as an .eps to retain the clipping path.  Another option is to use the selection to "remove" the background in Photoshop.  Open Window > Layers.  Double click on the Background Layer, a flyour menu shoukld appear where the layer will be named layer 0 > click OK.  Now, in the Paths menu select make Selection and invert it to select the background > hit "Delete" > save as .psd file.


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                          Chemol Level 1

                          John, thank you so much - I really appreciate the step-by-step!