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    Question about Layers and Looping!


      Hey guys,


      I am a newbie and hope I can explain this scenario properly.


      Basically, I'm creating a banner in Flash 8 Pro, from previous graphic designs.     It consists of a scenic backdrop, a 4 frame logo and text which I want to sweep in from the left hand side across 20% of the banner.


      Now! ... is there a way to create a layer to have this text appear in motion and stop at a desired position, while the main logo loops through the 4 frames continually?   (I had a go, but everything seems to be running off the same steam - no seperate control in other words)


      Hope that's clearer than mud?


      All the best,


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          markerline Level 4

          Not sure where you're facing difficulties.  You can certainly separate animations across layers.  That's standard.  If you're talking about ActionScript 2.0 scripts then you might look at some of the help documentation and post your attempts and see if we can help you with syntax.  But from what it looks like you might not even need that much if any scripting if you're just using movie clips and text boxes.

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            Calman45 Level 1

            Hi markerline!


            If it would make things easier, I could upload the experiment SWFto my web space and post a link here! (if that is permitted?)


            Basically, I have created 3 layers (total of 130 frames) ... and I'm trying to make the 4 frame GIF and motion text have different behaviour/frame rate speeds, but I'm not sure how to do so.  The text, I would like to sweep in from the left and stop, while the  frame gif keeps looping at a much slower frame rate.


            So, I guess I need to assign some kind of action to each layer? ... does scenes play a part.


            Sorry for all the rookie questions, but this is only my 3rd day using Flash.



            Kind Regards,


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              markerline Level 4

              You don't need scenes, you need Movie Clips (mc's).  To get different frame rates I'm not sure because that's something that's applied to an entire .swf globally in the Document Settings.  You can create the illusion of different frame rates by having non-coinciding number of frames for each movie clip and perhaps try to create two different swf files (Export>Movie...) with different frame rates for each movie (in other words two separate flash files with different Document Settings that you generate into swf's) and then have a third "container" flash file that brings these two swf's together.

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                Calman45 Level 1

                Thanks again for your support!


                To be honest, my brain is in "meltdown mode" right now, as I read a bit, dabble a bit ... so I can't digest or understand some of the above.


                However, I am making small progress and figured out how to fool the viewer into thinking that the 4 frame logo is cycling much slower than the sweaping text coming in from the left.   In order to keep the motion text fixed after the first loop, I believe you can place an action called "goto" into the frames, so it goes back to a desired place correct?


                So ......... I had say 40 frames of motion text, then fixed from that point on, with the intension of placing a goto action to create the effect of the text scrolling in "once" and only the main logo cycling a loop of 4 frames.


                I think I need some Zzzzzzzzzz's now, as I am all Flashed Out!


                Thanks for your help ... I always welcome knowledge.




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                  Hi Cal,


                  Or you can create a movieclip (F8) and place your 4 frames of animated logo into that movieclip.

                  Then in Scene1 you can place the logo movieclip onto one layer, and on a seperate layer have your text flying in animation.


                  One thing to remember doing it this way is to make sure your movie has enough frames to accomodate multiples of four, other wise your logo will look like its skipping onece the playhead loops to the begining.


                  Hope that made sense

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                    Calman45 Level 1

                    Hi & thanks Cyman666,


                    It's a brand new day and I'm ready to experiment some more! lolol


                    So, I'm going to try out your suggestion too .. I'll report back here with my findings! )


                    All the best,