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    Cool reflections




      Can anyone tell me how they do the cool reflections like this?


      Or is this done in photoshop?


      Thank you!



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          John Danek Level 4

          It's the latest thing and they are everywhere...reflections.  They're all done in Photoshop, unless it's vector artwork.  The only exception is when they are done in the original photography ( the best and most realistic ).  A bit over-done, though.  Reflections have always been around and appropriate from time to time, but they're everywhere for Pete's sake.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Your examples are quite clearly done in-camera by photographing the shoes placed on a mirror, but yes, Photoshop is usually involved somewhere along the way, if they are artificially created.



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              MrBombay007 Level 1

              Is there a tutorial somewhere?

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                Joe Paris Level 3

                Google "photoshop tutorial reflection" or similar and you will be faced with thousands.

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                  MrBombay007 Level 1



                  Can somebody try this with the shoes under here?


                  Maybe with a cool background or something that i can do it myselft?


                  Maybe you can give me the psd. file then?





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                    MrBombay007 Level 1


                    This is my result:


                    please let me know youre comments?

                    Maybe you can give me some more advise about the gradients or background that is have used?



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                      MrBombay007 Level 1

                      I have tried it with a shoe (thats the aim) but i am not so happy with the result:




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                        Joe Paris Level 3

                        This would be more suited to the Photoshop forum. People here concentrate on Illustrator issues.

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                          JETalmage Level 6

                          i am not so happy with the result:

                          Nor should you be. Your images demonstrate the most common error committed when people look for a too-simple, instant-gratification "trick" to accomplish realistic reflections.


                          In the phones image, look at the horizontal decorations on the phones; they are projected to your view as an upward & rightward diagonal, because they are being viewed in perspective, and the "horizontal" line they represent does not correspond with your visual horizon. Now look at the same lines in the reflections; they actually oppose the direction of the actual phones. That's the visual dead giveaway that the "reflection" is nothing more than a bogus flop of the phone image. It will look just as unconvincing no matter what you try to do in terms of masking and distortion.


                          In the shoe image, how could that possibly be a reflection of the shoe on the surface on which it rests? The heel of the shoe does not contact the heel of the reflection.


                          The only time a convincing reflection is a simple flopping of the image is when the visual horizon coincides with the "flop" axis. An easy way to understand this is to think of a mirror placed under a car at a car show. What do you see?...merely a reflection of the side of the car? No, you see the underside of the car.


                          Now, if you are a distant ant, crawling along the wet pavement on which the car is parked, then you would see a reflection on the wet pavement that looks more like (but even then, not exactly like) a mere flop of the car. Why? Because yoiur visual horizon is centered along the baseline of the wheels. Move up or down from the surface of the pavement, and the reflection is no longer so simple; it reveals portions of the car you can't see, except in the reflection, or vice versa.


                          Like everything in illustration, it's more a matter of careful observation than quick & easy tricks.


                          (And your question, by the way, is every bit as appropriate here as in the Photoshop forum, if not moreso.)