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    Can I wrap CF session management around PDF forms?


      Can I wrap CF session management around PDF forms?


      I'd like to use a (Livecycle) dynamic PDF login form (to be able to check a security certificate) and on submission have a CF action page that does the following:

      - searches database for username, password, admin level, etc.
      - on successful login (and depending on admin level) query the database and then build and save an XML file
      - after completion of above transfer the logged on user to a (already built) dynamic PDF that reads and displays data from the newly generated XML file, client-side.


      I'd like to wrap session management around the logged-on user since some of the programming is to be done in Coldfusion but I don't know how this might conflict with something that runs client-side.


      I'd like the user to be able to run queries client-side against the (newly built) XML file and, as well, have the option to edit the database fields server-side through a Coldfusion (action) page that inserts or updates fields - depending on the PDF form fields pulled from the XML file.


      I hope this doesn't sound confusing.


      Basically, my question is:

      Since some of the admin programming is on CF templates and some of the programming is a PDF reading an XML client-side... Once a user is logged on and then is switching back and forth between client-side and server-side - Can I wrap CF session management with cookies, application page, etc. around both PDF and CF pages?


      If not, I'm hoping that maybe the session management can be set and will remain in effect even if the user 'gravitates' away from the session management when he goes to the client-side PDFs and then returns to a CF (session managed) page if he decides to edit the fields, say, as long as the cookie is 'still good'...


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