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    iPhone Development

    Jason Villmer Level 1

      So, it is clear that Flash CS5 will provide support for porting AS3 projects to the iPhone. It would be a shame if Flash Builder 4 did not support this as well. I think this feature would motivate many AS3 developers to make the jump to Flash Builder 4 almost immediately.

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          pauland Level 4

          Why would flash builder iphone support encourage flash developers away from the flash IDE if the iphone was supported there too? What are the special Flex features that would be relevant?

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            Jason Villmer Level 1

            The point isn't about convincing anyone to migrate from the Flash IDE to Flash Builder. The point is to provide iPhone development features for all Adobe tools for building RIA application. If Adobe is interested in getting more developers to use their upcoming Flash Builder 4 (which I would think they would), obviously having iPhone development capabilities would be another reason for someone to be interested.

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              I agree, why restrict the  development to one tool, if they were to open it up, it would bring in other developers, such as myself who is a ColdFusion developer. Seems only logical to me.

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                pauland Level 4

                Nobody suggested restricting it. I just don't see it as a particular reason why a flash developer would want to use flash builder instead of CS5.


                Adobe may well include it with Flash builder, or they may see it as a way to encourage flex developers to buy both products (as usual).

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                  Jason Villmer Level 1

                  The Flash and Flash Builder IDEs both provide tools and capabilities not found in the other. The point is providing iPhone development capabilities to all core Adobe products that build RIAs. Period.

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                    pauland Level 4

                    Jason, your original post suggested that iphone development in flash builder would entice AS3 developers to flash builder (as opposed to CS5).  I'm still struggling to see why it specifically would, but I guess it doesn't matter much either way.

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                      Jason Villmer Level 1

                      My original post said two things:

                      1. The iPhone development technologies shouldn't be offered strictly in CS5.
                      2. Having iPhone development technologies in Flash Builder 4 would be appealing to anyone still considering whether to use the product, including Flex 3 developers who are still considering if they should switch to Flash Builder 4.
                      Lastly, I stand by any recommendation (albeit unintentional) that AS3 developers should consider using Flash Builder (Flex) over the Flash IDE. Flash Builder (Flex) is more suited for ActionScript (code) developers than Flash.
                      My point was, and is, pretty straightforward. So, use and promote whatever IDE you want. That is the beauty of choice.
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                        I would much prefer an iphone compiler in flash builder to a cs5 compiler.


                        I used to use flash as my main dev tool, but flash builder is much better in my opinion.


                        I still use flash (cs3) to create my library objects, but flash builder to organize my code. unless cs4 and cs5 has greatly improved the code auto fill and error reporting, I can't imagine writing apps in anything but flex/flash builder.


                        also if you write your apps with flex, is there a way to use sc5 to compile them as an iphone app?

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                          Jason Villmer Level 1

                          Providing iPad/iPhone export support in both Flash and Flash Builder 4 would be the smart thing to do. If I were Adobe, getting these tools into the hands of developers would be something I would not wait a long time to do. Even if it were a beta build with iPhone export. Why not release it in the Flash Builder 4 beta 3? Let us use it 'at our own risk' so we can start preparing early. It would, indeed, be nice to see some of the first iPad applications / experiences built using Adobe tools. Wouldn't that be nice?

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                            Perhaps this is the very reason for the hold up - Adobe would like to get some hands on with the iPad first to make sure the compiler works, I imagine that Apple haven't given Adobe an iPad to do any testing on...