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    Cannot split or trim a clip PE7.

    Fadel1 Level 1

      I'm new to Premiere Elements 7. The clips don't appear in the time line. I only see a red line. When I try to spit a clip, nothing happens. I cannot find the point handle in the mini-timeline, only in the preview window. A frustrating experience, so far. Have used Premiere 6.5 in the past with success. Can anybody help? Thanks and regards

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Is your video coming from an AVCHD camcorder? It could be that you're using a project with the wrong audio setting, per the FAQs to the right of this forum.


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            Fadel1 Level 1

            Yes the clip is from AV.. camcorder but it was transformed to MPEG. Do I still need to change the settings? I'm adding the ppictures of my screen: the clip has no name in the minitimeline and no point handles. Thanks for your help. Regards Fadel

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              There are two easy ways to Trim a Clip:


              1.) With the Clip in the Project Panel, you can Dbl-click on it, to open it in the Source Monitor. There, you can set the In & Out Points. When done, drag the Clip to the Timeline.


              2.) Once an instance of the Clip has been dragged to the Timeline, you can click-drag on either the Head, or Tail of it, to set the In and/or Out Points.


              I would guess that the view of your timeline that you posted, can be scrolled to see the Clip(s), below where the red line appears. In PrE,I find that the scroll bars do not stand out all that well. The user needs to look for them.


              Good luck,



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                the_wine_snob Level 9
                Yes the clip is from AV.. camcorder but it was transformed to MPEG. Do I still need to change the settings?


                Now, please tell us more about your video camera, and the files that it produces. It could well be that we can give you a bit more help on getting those files into PrE for editing. In real general terms, MPEG is not an ideal format to edit, for a couple of reasons. However, with many HD cameras, it is the only format that will work. It all depends on your video camera, and the file types and CODEC's, that it produces. We might be able to give you a better workflow.


                Good luck, and we'll be looking for that info.



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                  Have used Premiere 6.5 in the past with success.


                  PrE (and PrPro - replaced Pr 6.5) do things a bit differently. Pr 6.5 did A - B Roll editing, where one placed Clip A on, say Video Track 1 and where they wanted to add a Transition to Clip B, would place it on Video Track 2 above it, overlapping as necessary. Now, one can place Clip A & Clip B on the same Video Track, and add the Transitions to where they butt up. Note: with A - B Roll editing, it was easy to see the "extra" frames, necessary for the Transition, because one overlapped the Clips. In the new linear editing, one does not readily see the necessary overlap, as it's basically hidden. This confuses many. The Frames that were apparent in that overlap, are called Handles. They are still necessary. Unfortunately, this concept is quite abstract to many. You should have no problem, as you have experience in A - B Roll editing. In linear editing, one just does not see that overlap.


                  This will show how two Clips would look in A - B Roll editing - something that you will recognize:



                  Here's an explanation of Handles:




                  Though this was not part of your question, I wanted to add it, as you are coming from an A - B Roll editing program.


                  Good luck,




                  PS - Steve's reply contains a link to the FAQ, and all you need to do is click on it (might have to dbl-click, depending on your browser). It will then open that FAQ article.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    One tip: when doing a screen-cap, probably the easiest way to do it, is to set up your program's GUI, to show everything that you want to include, and then just hit Prt Sc, or on some keyboards, Ctrl+Prt Sc. This captures the image on the screen to Clipboard. Then, one can use any image editing program to complete the process. I use Photoshop. There, I hit Ctrl+N (New Image), and PS will automatically look first at the Clipboard to get the dimensions of any image there, and set up the New Image with those dimensions. I accept these and name the New Image. Then, I just hit Ctrl+V (Paste) and my image from Clipboard is pasted into the New Image as a Layer. I'll Crop, as necessary, annotate the image to show a viewer where I want them to look, Flatten the Layered Image and Save_As JPEG to post to the forum.


                    Hope that this helps, and good luck,



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                      Fadel1 Level 1


                      My camera is a Sony HDR-CX11E/CX12E AVCHD. Does that give you the info you need? Thanks for your help. Fadel

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Thank you. That tells us that you have AVCHD DD 5.1 SS Audio in your footage.


                        Now, providing that you have a fast computer (for AVCHD footage, the CPU speed and # of cores is VERY important for smooth editing), and you establish a Project Preset for AVCHD with DD 5.1 SS, you should have no issues editing this footage natively. Now, if your computer is underpowered, you might want to convert the footage to something like HDV. There are FAQ entries (accessed from the FAQ link to the right of the main forum page) on the recommended conversion methods. What Project Preset did you choose, when you started your Project?


                        If you have not set up the Project w/ the DD 5.1 SS Audio, PrE will force the Clips to other Tracks, than Video & Audio Tracks. That is probably why they were not readily visible in your screen-shot - you will need to scroll to those Tracks.


                        It's a lot easier to see these (with scrolling) in your Timeline View Mode. Many try to edit this type of footage in Sceneline View Mode, and there the Clips stack up, one atop the other. Stay in Timeline View Mode, as you have it.


                        Look to the right of the Timeline, where you're viewing, and you'll see some gray scroll bars, click-drag on those, and you should see your other Clips.


                        To tell whether your computer is fast enough to handle AVCHD natively, please let us know a bit about it, especially the CPU type/speed and also about your computer's HDD's (Hard Disk Drives).


                        Good luck,




                        PS - knowing your video camera tells us that you are in PAL-land. Is that correct?

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                          Fadel1 Level 1

                          Correct: I'm in Pal-land (Switzerland).

                          My computer: Pentium (R)D

                          CPU 3.2 GHz, 3.19

                          GHz, 2.00 GB RAM, Windows XP,Service Pack 3,  Dell

                          The settings for the project are: DV PAL, Timebase 2500 frames, Video Frame Size 720/576, Audio Sample Rate 48000Hz


                          The clips I am using were trnsformed from HDCHD to HDV using Sony's transformation utility delivered with the camera.I guess that is why the clips are in the video 1 track, except that I cannot see them. When I move a still picture to the timline (or to the Sceneline) I can see them (as you miht have seen on the pictures I sent)


                          Does that answer some of your questions? Thanks again for your help. Fadel

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                            Fadel1 Level 1


                            Here is what I see when I open the clip in the Source monitor: no in or out points.

                            The next picture shows you what I got when I scrolled on the top on the timeline to try and see the clip: I got a white rectangle. That's all. The rectangle doesn't change when I click the set video track Display Style button. What does change are the still pictures after the white rectangle. On the still pictures in the time line I can move the in and out points, but not on the white rectangle. What next? Thanks for your interest. Regards Fadel

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                              Fadel1 Level 1

                              Hunt: what do you mean by "your program's GUI"? Where do I find the"GUI"? Thanks

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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                Sorry for that. GUI = Graphic User Interface, i.e. the screen that one sees, when they launch a Windows program. For PrE, it's the program screen. Note that one can move most Panels around, and expand/contract them, and if one is doing a screen-cap, they should do this, so that the Panels with the important info are seen clearly. As an example, if one is having an issue with a Clip, it might be very useful to arrange the GUI's Panels, so that the Timeline, the Program Monitor (where you view the Timeline) and the Project Panel (tabbed, and usually to the upper-right) are visible. Panels such as Organizer, are not needed for this screen-shot.


                                When I am doing such a screen-cap, I will usually zoom in on my Timeline, both vertically and horizontally, to make it larger. I'll place the CTI (Current Time Indicator w/ the Edit Line) over that Clip. I'll close done certain Panels, or Panes, and make my Project Panel larger. If there are any other useful Panels, or Panes (groups of Panels), I will expand and arrange them, so the screen-cap gets all info. Sometimes, my screen-caps need to show dialog boxes, and in reality, only one tab of such a dialog box can be open at one time. I'll do the initial screen-cap of the first dialog box, moved to the side of the screen, and get it into an image in Photoshop. Next, I'll open the first tab and do a screen-cap of that, bringing that into Photoshop, and eliminating everything but that dialog box. Same process, if there is another tab. Here's an example of a multi-tabbed dialog box, with all tabs showing in the screen-cap, which is a composite of several actual images:



                                This allows one to see multiple settings on multiple Panels in one shot. The operation can be similar, with shots of the GUI, where maybe more Panels are needed to tell the story. This can often be done in one composite image, or maybe in two. The size can be important, as one does not want an image that is too large to attach, nor one that is too small to show all of the settings. It's a balancing act, and sometimes multiple attached images tell the story better.


                                What you want is for all useful info to show on the screen-cap, or screen-caps.


                                Good luck, and hope that this helps,



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                                  Fadel1 Level 1

                                  I copy my screen using photoshop as you recommended. Hope this will haelp you solve my problem.. Regards Fadel

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    PrE has two Monitors: the Program Monitor, where you see playback of the Timeline, and the Source Monitor, where you see just a Clip. To access the Source Monitor, you can Dbl-click on the Clip in either the Timeline, or the Project Panel. It will then Open and you will have two controls, Set In Point and Set Out Point. Note that you are doing this for the "instance" of that Clip on the Timeline, and not for the "master" Clip.


                                    Here is a look at both Monitors, and some details on the Source Monitor:



                                    In this screen-cap from PrE 4, I have dragged the Source Monitor to the bottom of the GUI.



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                                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                                      What you have shown is your Program Monitor. It is just for playback, and not for trimming Clips. Also, your Timeline exceed the vertical height, that you are seeing. There is a Scroll Bar to the far right. If you slide it, you will then see your Clip (the one below the CTI - Current Time Indicator w/ the Edit Line). Right now, it is out of sight, above the current view. Here is your screen-cap with annotations:




                                      Hope that this helps,



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                                        Fadel1 Level 1

                                        Hunt, You're a genius! Now I can scroll up and see the clip. Great!

                                        Why is the clip on video track 5? Is that because it stems from an HDAV.. format?

                                        Shall now try the clipping and the trimming.Thanks a million. Regards   Fadel

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                                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                                          The Clip is located where it is, because the Audio is DD 5.1 SS. That needs to be set in the Project Preset, say AVCHD w/ DD 5.1 SS Audio. Now, you can edit fine, just where it is, but with the proper Preset for both Video & Audio, I do not believe that you will then be limited on which Tracks the Clips Audio & Video go to. The proper Project Preset becomes extremely important, if one uses Sceneline Display Mode, the Clips will "stack up" on each other. Going to Timeline Display Mode is the way around that behavior, or choosing the DD 5.1 SS option for the Audio in the Project Preset.


                                          Good luck, and glad that you got it working!