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    Auto complete buggy?

      Hi community,

      I've got a really nerving problem. I created a new flash project. There I added a "dynamic text" area and called it "texta". Now I want to modify the text in this field (texta.text = "mytext"). Ok, this works. But there I don't get automatic command complete (sry, I don't know exactly how this feature is called). I typed "texta." but there comes no popup with commands.

      So I opened a flash sample (basic samples from adobe website) and copy/paste a text area out of this into my project (let's call this one "testb"). Now, if I type "textb." I get a popup with commands. I compared both text fields but there is no difference for me.

      May someone help me please? I don't understand why this feature don't work exactly.

      Thanks for your help,
      best regards,
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          clbeech Level 3
          what 'feature' are you referring to? what do you mean by 'automatic command complete'?

          can you please explain what you are trying to do here.

          however - if you rename your textField instance use a _txt extension, you will get a 'code hinting' list - as in: texta_txt
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            Rothrock Level 5
            Personally I find the extensions to get code hinting to be quite annoying. What I usually do is something like this for all my authortime place items:

            // the following objects are placed on the stage in
            // the authoring environment

            var textA:TextField;
            var myClip:MovieClip;

            and so on...

            By typing the instances you give the compiler the clue as to which code hints to show you, the names are all four characters shorter than they would have been and you have a record of what should be placed on the stage. It is a win, win, win.