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      I just installed FC beta2 on a Win7 System.


      I got the following error: java.lang.NullPointerException.


      The program opens with an empty window - and the error message.


      Is it a known issue? You have an advice how to get FC running?

      Do you need the error log?


      With best regards,



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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Hi Yatho,


          Did you have beta 1 installed previously on the same computer?  Did you uninstall it before installing beta 2?


          If not, that would be the cause of your problem.  I'd suggest trying these cleanup steps:

          • Uninstall beta 2
          • If "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Flash Catalyst" exists (four your <username>), delete it
          • If "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash Catalyst" exists, delete it
          • Reinstall beta 2


          If you did not have beta 1 installed previously, or if these steps don't clear up the error, please find the following log file and post it here so we can troubleshoot further:

          C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Flash Catalyst\workspace\.metadata\.log


          Hope that helps!


          - Peter

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            Yatho Level 1

            Hi Peter,


            I didn´t install beta 1 before. I´ll try your cleanup steps, reinstall it and look for the log-file.



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              Yatho Level 1

              Hi Peter,


              now I cleaned the old beta2 installation and reinstalled it.

              I get the same error-message...


              In the path you told me I found no files - but I got an eror-log following "Help" -> "About Flash Catalyst" -> "Configuration Details" -> "View Error Log".

              You find the log attached to this posting.




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                Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

                Hi Jan,


                Thanks for posting your log file.  We think you may have a file permissions issue.  Can you try these steps?


                1. Quit Flash Catalyst if you have it running
                2. Go to the folder C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Flash Catalyst
                3. Check if you have read-write permissions for this folder: right-click the folder, choose Properties, choose Security, select your user name from the top list, and then in the bottom list make sure both Read and Modify show a checkmark in the Allow column (and no checkmark in the Deny column)
                4. Inside this folder you should see three other folders: configuration, p2, and workspace.  Repeat the above step for each of these folders to make sure you have access to all of them.
                5. If any of these are messed up, you should be able to fix it using the Edit button in between the two lists.


                Please let us know whether that helps.  If not, we can move on to alternative theories...


                - Peter

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                  Yatho Level 1



                  I checked the filepermissions. Nothing messed up....



                  ...everything allowed.

                  I also checked the settings of my CS3 installation and compared them - everyhing´s the same - and CS3 works  well on W7.


                  ...any other ideas?