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    Can I update to CS4.1....

    zjimbo Level 1

      without doing any damage to my projects? They are all original CS4 projects. I am running Vista 64 bit.


      The last time I upgraded from CS3 to CS4 I had a lot of problems with my projects. Some titles were missing and the lead in to the next clip was shortened. It was a mess. Many of the titles were without an image and they would not move when I slid all the clips to the right. They got covered up.

      I had to replace them with the origional tille to get them working


      I ended up redoing all my current projects in CS4 just to save the hassle.


      Just want to see if updating to CS4.1 would be a mistake.

      Thanks again for all the past help.

      I am slowly working my way to completing my projects. I have a post about Encore not reconizing my DVD player and I am working on that. When I get that fixed I will have all the problems taken care of.