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    CS4 - Importing AVIs created with Matrox Axio

    Richard Measures


      Until recently I used CS4 with Matrox's Axio hardware. I've ditched this setup as the issues between the two were damaging my mental health .


      So, now I'm using CS4 standalone. Trouble is, I can't open some of my old 'Axio' projects as CS4 can't identify some of the HDV clips that were originally imported using Matrox settings. These files have been created as 2 pieces: Filename.avi and Filename.Stereo1.wav by CS4/Axio - and when trying to import them CS4 complains that 'The selected file cannot be linked becasue its type (audio) does not match the original file's type (audio and video).


      I've installed Matrox's VFW codecs from the Axio 4.1 package - but that hasn't changed the issue.


      Thoughts? Help?