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    Gave PE8 enough chances, returning it today (if i can!) Be warned!!


      I am tired of this program...


      Ok, the only shining star in having Premiere elements 8 is the community forum that discusses the issues with it.  They have been helpful in what I feel is ultimately a losing cause.


      Starting with creating something as simple as a slide show (which I was told PE8 is not good for, so why buy it???).  It cant handle large amounts of photos, it locks up frequently with the:

      "running low on memory, save now!" message that we all know.


      And I have a dual core, overclocked with 4gb ram and a ati radeon 4800 vid card (oc'd too) that are all running stable even with the program running.

      I gave up on the slideshow that I spent many hours putting together, cant render a file to dvd, the program just shuts down on its own


      Next up, DV capture.  I have plenty of available space, it starts capture and randomly shuts down, one time 25 mins in, another time 2 mins in to a video capture.  It doesnt have an error message, it just shuts down.


      So I figure maybe its my camcorder (sony dcr trv240), tested with 2 other programs, windows media maker and cyberlink powerdirector/producer.  Both pulled the file in without a problem, not to mention they load up in seconds vs PE8 which has a 60 second splash screen to start while it loads


      So if anyone has any magic cure, I will try again.  Based on what I read on the boards so far and the fact that the post most people are going to is the one about program lockups, I think that is a telling sign that this program is garbage


      Maybe if I spend $5,000 on a system it will run, but if I have that kind of money then I would buy a professional suite of editing software.


      Be warned if considering this program!  Do not purchase unless you enjoy frustration around every corner!