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    getObjectsUnderPoint not working on PopUps

    flairjax Level 1

      Anyone know how to find PopUps with getObjectsUnderPoint?  I assume they are not being found as getObjectsUnderPoint is part of the DisplayObjectContainer and the PopUps are not included in that list since they are above the stage and handled via the PopUpManager.


      The reason I need to get access via getObjectsUnderPoint is that Flash isn't the top-most-thing in my app. We have a footer bar, similar to Facebooks, that is an html bar that is always on top. So that means I have to manually catch the mousewheel in javascript and pass it over to Flex where I then have to call getObjectsUnderPoint to see whats under the mouse pointer. Then I handle it appropriately.


      Anyway, I can't seem to find out if the mouse is over a popup or not when the mousewheel happens using getObjectsUnderPoint.


      TIA, J