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    problem uploading a webpage+swf

    micgamb Level 1
      Hallo everybody,
      I have a tricky problem that occurs to me only recently. My flash website has the swf files embedded in two web pages index.html and studio.html. In index.html i have the intro and in studio.html all the rest.
      I have changed a link in the index.swf so I have relinked the swf to the web page using dreamweaver cs3 (which I a absolute beginner). I have done the preview and it works fine . I have up-loaded all the folders just to be sure but when I try to see the web page I see a blank one . If i connect using this address www.studiosimultaneo.com/FILES/studio.html I can see my site as it should be directed from the index.html.
      I do not know what I am doing wrong because It has always worked propely. I have changed internet provider but the first problem mentioned it happened with my older one. Before I was using dreamveawer 8 . And I am using cyberduck as FTP client.
      Please would you help me.
      Thank you so much
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