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    Rollover with text?


      I've got an image of a square on the screen with text on it and I want it to change to a circle when the user rolls over it. That works fine, but, when I roll onto the text, the circle changes back to a square, losing the rollover. I could use images for the "up" and "over" states that have the text on them as graphics, but that would really make updating the text a HUGE pia...


      Is there a way around this??



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          cmlancas Level 1



          What specifically do you mean by "roll over the text"?


          It sounds like you could accomplish what you're looking to do by creating a rollover slidelet that would stick on the slide.


          So, for example:


          1.  Place the square on the screen with the text.

          2.  Place a rollover slidelet over (make sure it's on top of the text, not behind it) the text, containing the circle and the text (with a target area as the square or the text)

          3.  Set the slidelet to stick for the duration of the slide, so the circle is there permanently with the text.


          Is this what you're trying to accomplish?




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            Scout's mom Level 2

            Do you want the shape to change but the text (on top of it?) to stay the same?  If so, I suggest you start with an image of a square, add a transparent text caption and add a rollover image of a circle (with the rollover area on the square.  Make sure the text caption if in front of both images.  I think you can demote the image without demoting the rollover area.  When the user points to the square, it should change to a circle (make sure the circle covers the square size-wise), and the text is unchanged.  Let me know if this works.  Good luck!  --Leslie